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Ao no Exorcist

Title: Ao no Exorcist (Shaman Blue)
Type: TV
Number of episodes: 25
Category: Teens, Action, Supernatural, Comedy
Station: TBS
Language: Japanese
Caption: Indonesia
Season: Spring 2011
Translators: Himeko
Terjemahaan Examiner: Makocchi
Aligning time: Himeko
Karaoke: Himeko
Makeup artist: Himeko
Editor: Hentainiisama
Video processing: Hentainiisama
Final alignment: Hentainiisama
Dealers: [Moesubs] [Haidar]
Summary: This world has two dimensions into one, like a mirror. Is the world's first human habitation, which is Assiah. Then the other is a world where demons live, Gehenna. Unite the two worlds is totally impossible but the devil can enter into the human world to possess anything that exists. Satan does not have a form, wanted to make his form in the human world and the world to unite both. Rin, son of Satan in human form who made ​​a plan to unite the two worlds.
How the whole story? Watch!

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  1. I think the links here might be broken, I was unable to open any of them.


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